Respect @ Work: An essential foundation FOR inclusion, productivity and retention

July 2020

Inclusion remains illusive for many because workplaces have not been clear nor prioritised a 'respect for all' culture and understanding the difference between earned and owed respect.

Productivity suffers because teamwork suffers and retention drops.. Yet few link this to low levels of respect.

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Ask your employees this Question: Do you believe everyone is respected at work? It's a great place to start the conversation. This and other key questions in our Respect@Work pre-session #survey shines a light on workplace culture from which we build out critical insights and awareness.

We use a series of scenarios to gauge the range of reactions and tolerances to disrespectful behaviour. This is powerful for learning as it is for challenging existing cultural norms. Backing this up with #bystander action techniques is key to mobilising all employees and culture change. Participant comment at a Respect@Work session: "I thought I was being funny, it was just our banter. I now understand that it is how my comments impact others which is more important than my intentions". WOW! Powerful learning insight right there!

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