Inclusion: what does it feel like in your organisation?

Feb 2020

"When I feel included I can focus my energy on doing my job and not worry about having to fit in". This is such a telling statement and one that goes to the heart of genuine inclusion.

Workplace culture norms dictate whether we exclude, tolerate, accept or embrace people who are different from the dominant or typical employee profile. Increasing diversity is often an aspiration with little thought given to developing a workforce culture which is inclusive. Sure, we attract diversity (I call this the 'Noah's Ark approach') but will they stay and thrive. Diverse individuals may exist on the periphery (our first image) or frequently found only in pockets of the organisation (second image). Maybe its time to explore ways to achieve our third image, where even the traditional employee can be their true selves, feel respected and safe to make unique contribution/speak up, and have fair access to opportunities. Wouldn't that be something?

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