Putting the ME into remote TEAMS

May 2020

Working remotely has it challenges, and physical reconnecting in the traditional workplace is still some way off. Before COVID (the new BC) did any of us know we had a Working From Home (WFH) Style?

We are likely to be in varying stages of working this out. And as remote working looks set to continue, optimising how I function, what works and doesn't work for ME is an important first step before turning attention to communication and working style of TEAM members. The one-size-fits-all approach to how we work and communicate may exacerbate tension, stress and diminished and in the very place that was once our sanctuary.

A typical WFH environment now comes with an overload of visual stimuli and non-verbal cues due to endless video-conferencing. But the good new is that there are observable cues that can help make interacting and work more engaging for all members of the team.

Everyone has their own style and tendencies. Working virtually requires us to become more aware of our strengths and weaknesses and how to manage them. We do not have our peers, leaders and other influences around us to help point out when we need course-correction. Understanding our communication preference and working style provides important personal insights to work more effectively and with less friction. Our FREE WFH report is based on the DISC behaviour style preference tool (used by 75% of the World's Fortune 500 companies). It is a simplified version of a full DISC report and as such it does not require a coaching debrief (although this is possible should you be interested).

Your complimentary report will include:

- a brief overview of your preferred D, I, S, or C style

  • - your specific communication preferences
  • - your working from home style
  • - an overview of other communication preferences and
  • - ways to improve engagement tips for being more effective based on your WFH style.
  • PLUS a DIY self-coaching action plan.

Importantly, the report shares insights on communication and working style preferences for other behaviour preferences. These insights will assist in tailoring communication with colleagues/team members who are likely to have preferred styles which are different - often radically so. It's possible these differences have become more apparent since working remotely making them are even more important now. Consider sharing the link with team colleagues and scheduling the topic for discussion at one of your next team sessions. We, and our DISC partners TTISI, are only too pleased to make these tools accessible if they could assist our clients and colleagues at this challenging time.

SUMMARY: Find out your WFH style and learn about the different communication preferences of others by taking a short self assessment test (based on DISC - used by 75% of Fortune 500 companies). We've joined up with TTISI, DISC specialists, to offer this FREE of charge. Watch this video for more info - click HERE

Or go straight to the assessment (allow 15 minutes of uninterrupted time) HERE

Contact us at: wendy@win-winws.com.au if you would like to know more - and unlock the power of a full profile report