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JUST LAUNCHED - Our #respect+inclusion4all initiative

A respectful and inclusive culture can be achieved when everyone commits and owns it!

Diversity initiatives may increase numbers of under-represented groups in the short term. However, diverse talent won’t stay unless they feel valued, respected and a sense of belonging. Building a workplace culture of respect and inclusion will sustain and retain diverse talent and is essential for high performing teams.

Engaging EVERYONE at work to make small changes to everyday behaviour can make a BIG impact on culture when adopted by ALL.

Experts tell us it takes more than three weeks for new behaviours to become habits. Our #respect+inclusion4all Call to Action Campaign can support development of the positive behaviours needed for inclusion to be part of the way we do things at work.

Our Call to Action initiative is designed to be flexible and tailored to your budget:

  • use powerful images and quotes to raise awareness,
  • launch a single pledge program and sign-up advocates to intentional behaviour (a pledge) : a single new behaviour (or pledge) to be adopted for one month for the workforce,
  • launch a multi-pledge campaign where a series of behaviours (pledges) are selected and promoted over several months.

The pledge campaign format is supported by state-of-the art technology to nudge employees and reminding them of their commitment to new behaviours.

Talk to us today about how we can support your goals in building an inclusive culture.

Sample visuals and pledges below (tap on an image to enlarge)

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Organisations are challenged by many issues impacting business performance today. Increasingly organisations seek to boost workforce capability and employee engagement in order to leverage competitive advantage. We can help!

We can partner with you to customise solutions suited to your goals, budget and timeframes.

Consulting Solutions:

  • people and culture strategy development aligned to business goals
  • policy formulation - employee policies, employee engagement
  • diversity and inclusion strategy including unconscious bias awareness training

Coaching Solutions:

  • coaching for high performance
  • psychometric assessment and profiling for optimal outcomes
  • overcoming personal roadblocks to career success

Learning Facilitation Interventions:

  • leadership and management development
  • compliance training and risk management
  • team development and building trust
  • change readiness for managers and leaders.